Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sleezy Sherm's Peanut Butter Porter v0.1

This is actually Sleezy's first Peanut Butter Porter!!!! It is a beverage that came with a bang!! Here's is his Sleezy recipe.

8oz Chocolate Malt
12oz Black Malt
4oz Roast Barley
3oz Rolled Oats (aka quaker oatmeal)
13oz Cystal Malt
60 L5lbs Light malt extract (liquid)

2oz Willamette AA 4.8%
4oz Natural Peanut Butter (with the oil removed)

Heat the grains in 2 gallons of water at 155 F for 1 hourBring the wort to a boil and add the malt extract, peanut butter, and 1 oz of hopsBoil 30 minutes, add additional 1/2 oz hopsBoil 15 minutes, add additional 1/2 oz hops + Irish MossEnd at 1 hour total boilTransfer to fermenter for 10 days, transfer to a secondary for 10 days.If you still see oil floating on top, transfer again every 2 days until you rack out the oil.

How to get the oil out of peanut butter:
Buy a jar of natural peanut butter (the kind without stabilizers that has a layer of oil floating on top). Pour out the oil and leave it on your counter. Every 2-3 days open the jar and pour out the oil that has collected on top of the peanut butter. After about a month the oil will be mostly removed. Use a knife to remove the top layer of peanut butter from the jar - the layers underneath will be dry and crumbly (like a piece of halvah). The dry crumbly stuff is what you want for your beer - you can eat the smother still oiled parts of the jar.Notes:I gave the version of the recipe I made - after sampling I recommend the following:12oz Chocolate Malt6oz Rolled Oats (Oats and Wheat help with head stabilization - the peanut butter will act against head creation, so if you want a nice head on your beer, you need to add stabilizers)6-8oz Peanut butter - I found the peanut butter flavor to be a little understated at 4oz, but I'm not sure if 8oz would be too much. Experiment and get back to me...or wait till I make it again and I'll get back to you.

Pair it with a nice brownie or pecan pie if you are in the mood for dessert. * This product contained nuts. Please consult your physician prior consumption.


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